May 19, 2024

May 3, 2024
The Increasing Role of Women in Sports Leadership

Despite progress being made, women continue to be underrepresented in positions of leadership within sport. This is often attributed to the ‘boys club’ culture that is pervasive in many sports and the undervaluing of female talent [1].

While it is easy to see the impact สำรวจโบนัสที่ UFAONEBET of this imbalance, little research has been conducted on what can be done to address it. In an attempt to fill this knowledge gap, the author of this article interviewed seven female leaders from a range of different areas in the sport industry. This includes coaching, sport management and collegiate athletics as well as more ‘traditional’ leadership roles such as federation presidents and CEOs.

A variety of themes emerged from this study, including the importance of a supportive environment for female leaders. This could be achieved through implementing mentoring and sponsorship opportunities as well as ensuring that there is a clear line between ‘work’ and ‘life’. These changes can have a positive effect on both the personal and professional wellbeing of individuals.

The Increasing Role of Women in Sports Leadership

The participants of this study also highlighted the importance of role models in supporting aspiring female athletes to pursue leadership roles. This was demonstrated by Brooke and Mikayla who both cited that the presence of female role models encourages future female athletes to believe they can achieve the same level of respect in leadership as their male counterparts.

Considering the recent drama of the 2021 Women’s World Cup and its aftermath, it is important to highlight that the problem of male dominance in sport is not just about increasing the number of female players or bringing more women into senior positions, but that a clearer opposition to this type of behaviour is needed. This can be achieved by creating fairer organisations by debiasing people processes and ensuring that they are inclusive of all employees.

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